About Semasio

More accuracy and reach with Semantic Behavioural Targeting

Semasio was founded in November 2010 by Chief Executive Officer Kasper Skou and Chief Technology Officer Thomas Rask Thomsen.

However, the foundation for the Danes’ cooperation was established much earlier: in the beginning of the millennium, the duo was CEO and CTO of the semantic search engine company Speed of Mind. The idea to create Semasio emerged from their previous cooperation: an innovative semantic behavioural targeting and user profiling approach that creates a new paradigm of Data-Driven Advertising.

There is a very simple, yet fundamental realisation behind the company, which to-date has received very little attention: people, their habits and their passions are becoming ever more differentiated. As a result, their consumption patterns can no longer be captured stereotypically, but instead in a more complex and individual manner. Previous methods of consumer segmentation based on traditional features, which often categorise users too soon and too narrowly, cannot account for these changes. The wealth and diversity of the information collected via Semasio’s new profiling paradigm provides the basis for capturing any target group while providing maximum reach. Semasio has gone against the grain of standard practice and eliminates the immediate categorisation of user behaviour in favour of semantic, uncategorized and thus unabridged information about user behaviour. The company, with its new paradigm of behavioural targeting, is able to capture the complexity and uniqueness of online users and their consumption patterns – true to the motto: because we all become more unique.