Kasper Skou

Chief Executive Officer | Co-founder

Kasper began his career as a management consultant before joining the semantic search engine company Speed of Mind as CEO. He then completed his MBA at INSEAD, where he met wunderloop (now an Audience Science company), the European veteran of behavioural targeting. After his MBA Kasper joined wunderloop to become Chief Product Officer. After three years at wunderloop Kasper decided to become self-employed again. He founded Semasio together with the co-founder and CTO at Speed of Mind. In his free time, Kasper likes to play guitar, especially on the banks of the River Elbe in Hamburg.

Thomas Rask Thomsen

Managing Director | Co-founder

Thomas possesses a M.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics. He co-founded the semantic search engine Speed of Mind and brought Kasper on board as CEO. In 2006 Speed of Mind was sold to the competitor Surfray, and after an earn-out phase Thomas worked in the investment banking sector. Based on his experiences with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing and Kasper’s expertise in Data-Driven Advertising the duo created the unique profiling and targeting paradigm that forms the foundation for Semasio. The Dane also pursues his road-racing cycling hobby with great enthusiasm and ambition.

Anna Lena Schenk

Head of Client Development

Anna completed a Diploma in the field of International Marketing before working as a consultant in online media planning and later as a consultant for online technologies at the Pilot Group. After four years in the Hamburg media agency, Anna moved to Blume2000 New Media AG as Online Marketing Manager, before starting as product manager at Semasio in August 2011. Today, as Head of Client Development, she has the lead responsibility for developing the client base. In her free time, the Lower-Rhine native loves spending time in her garden plot, exercising her green thumbs.

Kåre Stenild

Head of Product

Kåre has a MA in Information Technology from the renowned Aarhus University in Denmark. The Dane began his career as an interaction designer at the IT and software company KMD, before starting in March 2008 as concept and interaction design consultant, and later as Product Manager, at wunderloop, the European veterans of behavioural targeting. Following the takeover of wunderloop by Audience Science, the expert in behavioural targeting and mobile advertising continued there as the Product Manager for Programmatic Products, before moving to Semasio in April 2013 as Head of Product. Whenever time and the weather permits, Kåre likes nothing more than to strap a snowboard to his boots.