Custom Targets

Custom Targets


Semasio offers media agencies, advertisers and publishers the option to create any Custom Target, from the Semantic Twins of one’s own users, who have already converted, to very specific desired target groups.

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The use of standard target groups is not suitable for every marketing objective. Often very special target groups are needed, which cannot be reached accurately via segments currently offered in the market. With Semasio Custom Targets you have the possibility to address practically every desirable target group with maximum reach. Our semantic profiling approach means that we possess a unique degree of detailed information about every user profile. With Semasio Custom Targets we can find your desired target group – irrespective of whether you are looking for a particular interest, socio-demographic feature, purchase intent, Semantic Twins or any mix of target possibilities.

Two approaches exist for creating your desired target group

Top-down approach: You simply tell us which users you wish to reach, and we model the desired target for you.

Bottom-up approach:We create your target based on a defined user group that represents those you wish to reach.

An example:

You have already received online registrations for a test drive with your new car model. Now you wish to generate more registrations quickly and cost-effectively. All we need to achieve this is your early decision to work with us. We require only 300 users from you that have signed up for the test drive. Because we have nearly every internet user in our database, a large, weighted keyword cloud also exists in our database for most of these registered users, containing the most important terms and phrases of the internet pages that the users have visited. Analysing the keyword clouds of the registering users the Semasio Targeting Technology identifies what the users signing up for a test drive have in common that differentiates them from the rest of the user population. This produces a Semantic Model, which is then deployed to the rest of the user profile population. The fit between the Semantic Model and the individual user profile is the affinity level of the user towards this particular marketing goal. Therefore, accuracy and reach can be managed flexibly as needed. The Semantic Model is constantly updated ensuring highest possible actuality for your Custom Target.

Advantages of the semantic targeting method for accurate Custom Targets with high reach

  • Semantic user profiling gives the Semasio Targeting Technology a unique degree of detail for the construction of almost every desired target.

  • Bottom-up = hypothesis-free: we find the Sematic Twins of precisely those users who have already performed the desired action.
  • Market leader with regard to reach.
  • All Custom Targets are readily available via the Semasio DSP and leading third party DSPs, e.g. Google DBM, MediaMath and Adform, as well as leading DMPs, e.g. Eyeota, Exelate.
  • Custom Targets are easily combinable with other Semasio or third party targets.