dmexco-Video: Data in Escrow

The CEO of Semasio, Kasper Skou, held at this year's dmexco (digital marketing exposition & conference in Cologne) a lecture on the topic: Confidence is good, certainty is better – Escrow as the new model for data-driven marketing.

The common model for the utilization of external data used in data-driven marketing assumes that one party provides data directly to another party. This approach involves the risk of “data leaks,” since often times it is impossible to determine if the recipient uses the shared data for their intended purposes as agreed upon by the two parties. Thus, Semasio has developed a new model for data-driven marketing, where data – from both the seller’s and buyer’s side of the market – is “provided in escrow” on Semasio’s User Intelligence Platform. Since neither party has direct access to the data of the other party, this approach realizes the maximum value of the data while eliminating data leaks.

Check out the video here.