Get your custom audience in 3 days

Off the shelf doesn't cut it!

Off the shelf audiences generally don't fill the needs of modern marketers due to black-box nature.

You often lack insights into what lookback windows and profiling methodologies govern your audiences.

And, your competitors might be using the exact same data reaching the exact same consumers.

Preview your audience before you buy it

With Semasio, you can preview and fine-tune every audience we build for you, or you can take the driver’s seat and do it all yourself as more than 3,000 of our non data scientist marketing customers do every day.

We will generate your custom audience in less than 3 days, or it’s free. If you are happy with what we've built for you, we will push the data directly to your DSP seat for activation, which you will own as your competitive asset.

We see over 70,000 semantic data points accumulated per user per month, which means we understand exactly who is interested, to a defined and transparent degree, even in the most niche topics.

All our audiences are comprised  of users who have actually consumed the most important terms and phrases relevant to the specific target audience.
Yes, we customize recency and frequency!

Get your custom audience now!