Sensation seekers: A new audience for growth

October 12, 2020

New growth won’t come from old ideas and legacy activation; it will come from innovation and by reaching and building relationships with new and better customers.

Sensation seekers: A new audience for growth

Where does growth come from today? And how do you reach the right audiences to deliver results that the market demands? New growth won’t come from old ideas and legacy activation. Instead, it will come from innovation and untapped audiences by reaching and building relationships with new and better customers.

Meet the new cannabis consumer—your new best customer. 

Right now, you’re probably asking yourself, “How is this relevant to me–I run marketing for a traditional brand with distribution through national retailers?”. Here’s why… 

Today, 1 in 5 U.S. adults consume cannabis or CBD, making up one of the largest and fastest-growing consumer groups in the U.S.  According to MRI-Simmons, people are excited about the category, even those who don’t consume:

  • 54M consume cannabis or CBD (22%)
  • 111M say they understand the science behind cannabis (45%)
  • 155M say cannabis can be good for mind and body (63%)
  • 161M say CBD has many health and beauty benefits (65%)
  • 181M say cannabis has many health benefits (73% of all U.S. adults)

These are the leading 20% of consumers, representing a powerful growth engine across today’s biggest categories. In the next 12 months, here’s just a handful of things they’ll do: 

  • Purchase 52M pairs of sneakers
  • Plan 30M vacation trips
  • Activate 20M grocery rewards memberships
  • Subscribe to 18M streaming services
  • Attend 16M sporting events
  • Upgrade 13M smartphones
  • Buy 10M new cars and 2M new motorcycles

Sensation Seekers in search of new experiences. 

Cannabis and CBD consumers share attitudinal and behavioral attributes that make them an exciting audience for brands in every consumer category. MRI-Simmons are relentless first-movers, making big plans, searching for new experiences, and rewarding brands which help them feed their senses. Meet the Sensation Seekers:

Optimistic approach to living.

  • Life should be as much fun as possible (71%,113)
  • Seek out variety in my everyday life (66%,120)
  • Consider myself sociable (70%,113)

Living in the present–they don’t postpone joy.

  • Tend to make impulse purchases (49%,120)
  • Spender rather than a saver (48%,116)
  • Rather shop online than go to a store (61%,112)

Making big plans.

  • Become a parent  (11%,154)
  • Start a business (10%,137)
  • Get engaged (14%,135)
  • Buy first house (17%,132)

Always on and accessible across devices–especially mobile.

  • Like to be connected, either by phone or Internet, at all times (62%,111)
  • My mobile phone is a source of entertainment (68%,115)
  • Texted response to an advertisement (12%,131)
  • M-Commerce (42%,118)

Early adopters that create momentum for brands.

  • First of my friends to try new products or services (41%,125)
  • Always check out the app store to see what’s news (24%,126)
  • Connect to brands through social networking sites (34%,133)

Choosing better for them and the world.

  • I regularly eat organic foods (50%,117)
  • I am more environmentally conscious than most people (57%115)
  • Willing to spend more for a quality bottle of wine (51%,110)
  • Shop Whole Foods (11%,115) & Trader Joes (15%,110)
  • Buy natural products because I’m concerned about the environment (61%,110)

Outspoken advocates shaping opinion and decisions.

  • Keep my social feeds updated with information about my life (43%,128)
  • Share my opinions about products by posting ratings and reviews online (40%,123)
  • Pay extra for products consistent with the image I want to convey (50%,117)
  • People often come to me for advice before making a purchase (45%,120)

Constantly in search of inspiration and stimulation.

  • Console gamers (11%,127)
  • Adult education (9%,118)
  • Clubs and bars (20%,117)
  • Cook for fun (20%,108)
  • Go to aquarium (7%,126)
  • Go dancing (10%,127)
  • Collect art (5%,120)
  • Flying a drone (3%,116)
  • Attend zoo (13%,113)
  • Attend dance performances (5%,117)

Sensation Seekers are more receptive to marketing, willing to pay more for quality, and loyal to brands that feed their senses, creating growth opportunities at every stage of the customer lifecycle. If you’re a marketer in search of growth, then you should seriously consider targeting them with your next ad campaign. 

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