Get ready for the cookieless future

Browser changes

Safari and Firefox, now Chrome?


blocked market share of
user-level targeting


further drop in
user-level targeting

Safari and Firefox account for 40-50% of browser market share in the U.S. and when they both blocked 3rd party cookies, almost half of your audience became non-targetable on the user-level.

With Chrome’s plans to eliminate 3rd party cookies by the end of 2021, user targetability is estimated to drop by another 45%, thus sustainable targeting solutions are heavily in demand.

Unified Targeting: your future-proof solution

Being a Germany-born company with one of the strictest privacy regulations in the world, we have developed a future-proof solution called Unified Targeting.

10 years of expertise in audience targeting based on the key terms and phrases users consume on the pages they visit has uniquely positioned Semasio to allow seamless targeting across both.

We give you full semantic precision to define your target once and use it across users and pages, thereby finally hitting 100% of your audience on the open web.

Moreover, you can now scale your 1st party data contextually and stay ahead of the game with truly data-driven cookieless strategies.

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