Cannabis & CBD Audiences: A pathway for growth in 2021

As five new states pass legalization measures, it’s clear that cannabis and CBD are no longer niche. Instead, they’re becoming an essential part of consumers’ daily lives and routines. Marketing leaders are reorienting their media strategies to reflect this reality and seeking new sources of insight, including second party cannabis and CBD audience data, to power more progressive campaign planning and ad targeting.

Hear from guest speakers from Forrester and The Clorox Company as we explore the pivotal role second-party data plays in strategic planning and expose a foundational new audience for growth—cannabis and CBD consumers.

Download the onesheet to:

  • Why second-party data is critical in discovering, knowing and activating audiences
  • Why brands need to reach beyond conventional data sources and audiences to keep pace with evolving consumer behavior
  • How cannabis and CBD audiences can help brands accelerate growth in everyday consumer categories
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