Custom audiences that make you smarter

Walled gardens might deliver performance, but they make you the product

Walled gardens like Google and Facebook collect your CRM data and spit out KPIs.
Sure, it often works. But at what cost?

Are your 1st party data assets being used to feed their algorithms for your competitors?

Do you have complete transparency into where and how your data is utilized?

Do you learn anything from your campaigns?

Combine performance, control and ownership

With Semasio, you own every audience we generate for you. Your data is never used for any purpose other than generating phenomenal KPIs for your team.
And you get smarter with every campaign you run.

We can run your custom audience by you within 3 days of your request, or you can take the driver’s seat and do it all yourself as more than 3,000 of our non data scientist marketing customers do every day.

We see over 70,000 semantic data points accumulated per user per month, which means we understand exactly who is interested, to a defined and transparent degree, even in the most niche topics.

We can also help you scale the users you already know. Use 1st party data, panel-based data or any other example of those you are trying to reach, and we will find semantic twins who differentiate themselves in the same way semantically.

Try Semasio custom audiences now!