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Targeting Users On Their Own Terms

An electric car manufacturer markets a new model
Targeting Users on Their Own Terms
Case: An electric car manufacturer markets a new model
The Outdated Way: Use a generic “auto intender” audience consisting of users that visit pages categorized as:
· Auto sections of online classifieds, or
· Auto dealership sites, or
· Auto section of insurance comparison sites, or
· Automotive brand sites.
The Result:
The vast majority of users in this audience are generic auto intenders and only a small minority actually have an affinity for family-friendly electric sedans.
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The Semasio Way
Building an Audience on the Users’ Own Terms
Define Your Audience with a Top-Down Approach  
Semasio’s Semantic Behavioral Profiles dynamically evolve over time by aggregating the most significant words consumed by the user. In this example, “electric car”, “family car”, and “car seat”, begin to form an audience with affinity for family-friendly electric sedans. The platform then identifies more targeted criteria including which words  to add and exclude.

You can then dynamically trade off reach against affinity depending on your unique marketing goal.

Use our interactive example to test between Affinity & Reach.
Semasio Word CloudSemasio Word CloudSemasio word cloud
High Affinity
HIGH reach
Reach :   355,842 unique users
Reach :  905,216 unique users
Reach : 17,727,488 unique users

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