Unlimited and individual targeting
possibilities for your data-driven advertising

Readily available in the leading DSPs and DMPs.

Custom Targets

Individually created targets for any marketing objective

Custom Targets – from the search for Semantic Twins of users, who have already converted, to very specific target group needs.

Build unique target groups with you own user contacts
and apply these profitably to data-driven advertising

User Intelligence Platform

Unique targets with absolute data sovereignty

Achieve unlimited freedom in creating and using your targets.

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Semantic Behavioural Targeting for more accuracy and reach

The only constant in our modern society is change. People, their habits, interests and beliefs are subject to constant change at an ever-faster pace. Previous methods of consumer segmentation, based on traditional features that often categorise the user much too early and narrowly, cannot cope with these changes. The Semasio Targeting Technology eliminates premature segmentation in the form of pre-categorisation. This enables it to consider actual user behaviour unfiltered and completely in the targeting process.

Semantic Behavioural Targeting captures the uniqueness of modern consumers

Consumer segmentation – the traditional approach

The immediate categorisation of user behaviour means that real surfing behaviour cannot be captured in its entirety. The wealth of information from the consumed content is reduced to just one or a few dimensions.

In order to cope with the massive amounts of data generated from billions of events by internet users for Behavioural Targeting, these volumes of data are traditionally reduced by pre-categorizing the internet pages users visit. In the process, the category of the visited page is transferred directly to the user profile – irrespective of the actual interests of the user. One example: internet pages visited by a user that are pre-categorised as travel, automobile and finance respectively, also all address the topic of infants. The traditional manner of user profiling ignores the deeper semantic complexity of the individual pages and thus important patterns in surfing behaviour – in this case that the user is expecting a child or has just had one.

Consumer segmentation with Semasio

The semantic, non-categorizing and thus unfiltered approach to user profiling, on the other hand, provides a maximum degree of detailed information for the greatest flexibility in generating any target with high accuracy and reach.

In semantic user profiling, the content of every webpage visited is analysed. The most important terms and phrases of each internet page is collected and transferred to the user profile. This means each user profile is in effect a large, weighted keyword cloud. The behaviour shown across hundreds of consumed internet pages leads to the constant growth of this cloud and provides comprehensive, detailed and current information for the generation of targets. The entire analytical process is user-centred and functions by means of machine-learning-based natural language processing. No pre-categorisation or hypotheses necessary.

Semasio offers media agencies, advertisers and publishers Classic Targets – individually or in combination, Custom Targets – from Semantic Twins of one’s own desired users to very specific desired target groups.

Unlimited and individual targeting possibilities with Semasio