A Fusion of First-Party Data and Semantic Targeting: Fluent+Semasio

March 26, 2024

Authored by Monica Bellflower, VP Marketing

A Fusion of First-Party Data and Semantic Targeting: Fluent+Semasio

Imagine a world where advertising respects consumer privacy while still hitting the mark with precision. 

No, it’s not a fairytale. Through strategic partnerships that bring together leading-edge semantic technology and best-in-class data, it’s possible to make this dream a reality.

Recently, Semasio partnered with Fluent, renowned for its prowess in performance marketing and consented first-party data, to introduce a breath of fresh air into the programmatic ecosystem. By marrying Fluent’s first-party survey data from its proprietary platforms with Semasio’s advanced semantic targeting, we have crafted a contextual advertising solution that's as effective as it is ethical. 

This unique blend of data and technology ensures that audiences of consumers sharing similar interests and behaviors are identified, without a shadow of privacy concerns, for targeting through buy-side platforms. This isn’t just news, it’s an unfolding narrative of innovation, privacy and precision.

The essence of contextual advertising lies in its approach: targeting based on the media, rather than the individuals. It's a methodology that guarantees 100% consumer privacy protection, offering a sanctuary in the digital advertising world often criticized for its invasive tactics. Semasio’s ability to transform audiences or first-party data into contextual targets is a game changer. This method allows brands to achieve the same kind of accuracy found in audience targeting, but through a more privacy-friendly approach.  

Fluent engages over 30MM opted-in consumers monthly, leveraging survey capabilities across its owned and operated media properties to capture first-party insights and connect advertisers with high-intent audiences. Contextual targets, built off of the strength of Fluent’s dataset, offer benefits like: insight into consumer behavior, product preferences and the ability to reach consumers on major buy-side platforms through personalized messaging in contextually relevant ways. 

As Fluent and Semasio embark on this journey together, the promise of precise targeting-that is also privacy-friendly-comes to life with a method that opens new doors for engagement and innovation. This collaboration isn't just a partnership; it's a pioneering step towards a future where digital advertising respects the privacy of its audience while delivering unparalleled results.

Stay tuned as we navigate this new era of digital advertising together, where privacy and precision walk hand in hand.

To learn more about the technology that powers this partnership, click here. For information on targeting in a cookie-free world, read our blog on post-cookie identifiability.

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