Auto advertising

Auto advertising that fuels interest

Connect with potential buyers at the earliest and most impactful moments.

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Reach qualified car buyers

Influence auto purchase decisions with strategic audience targeting across programmatic channels

Deliver messaging that resonates

Spark interest, foster engagement and nurture relationships by targeting interests and intent.

Identify auto
purchase desires

Leverage user behavior and online conversations to pinpoint consumers actively researching specific aspects of car ownership.

Meet buyers
where they are

Tailor ads based on car features, lifestyle attributes, and milestones to promote better engagement.

Uncover hidden opportunities

Discover and engage ideal consumer segments, while safeguarding personal information.

Target consumers based on content consumption and niche interests.

Deliver advertising to relevant audiences in strategic locations.

Broaden your reach to find undiscovered prospects and amplify campaign impact.

Target non-sensitive conditions

Discover semantic audiences

Connect with specially crafted audiences derived from semantic user profiles.

Engage on Topics

Reach users inclined to interact with content related to wellness-related topics.

Deliver exceptional auto advertising

Leverage predictive intelligence and advanced targeting for greater advertising success.


Better site traffic vs. generic audiences

A global automotive company enhanced their target strategy to increase landing page visits while lowering cost-per-acquisition.


Test drives vs. benchmark

A global automotive company utilized contextual segmentation to successfully generate test drive sign-ups.

Get up and running

Effectively engage with car buyers responsibly

Auto advertising for a privacy-first world

Unlock the full potential of data and connect with potential buyers at crucial points in their purchase journey.

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Discover ideal consumer segments and decode their interests

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Determine the optimal targeting strategy for engagement

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Harness accessible data for impactful outreach

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Launch marketing campaigns that promote growth

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White-glove service without white-glove costs

When you need the ultimate performance, our team of experts combines the accuracy of audiences with the reach of contextual targeting to outperform on your campaign goals. Discover the power of pharmaceutical advertising with our expert team.

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Define the target based on campaign goals

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Create the seed audience based on 1PD, lists or semantic topics

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Identify audience interests based on seed content consumption

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Predict other relevant topics and content by modeling inputs

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Based on campaign goals, balance reach and affinity to fine-tune contextual targets

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