Audience Extension

Find more customers like your best customers

Unlock the potential of your data to discover new audiences with the same interests and behaviors as your desired consumers.

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Scale your best audiences
with precision

Combine the accuracy of first-party data with a robust semantic view of content consumption and expand your reach to new audiences of like-minded consumers.

Understand consumer interests and intent

Gain distinctive insights into your ideal buyer’s needs and desires to find more consumers likely to engage with your brand.

Uncover hidden potential customers and revenue opportunities

Target consumers who are semantic twins of your seed audience

Engage relevant consumers more cost effectively and improve ad revenue

Overcome the performance gap created by a small data set.

"Traditional modeling of TV viewership data relies on cookies and audience segments, Semasio provides us with cookieless modeling that predicts where the specific TV audience will be online."

Ronan Higgins


Lookalike modeling
made easy

Powered by real consumer insights, our predictive modeling delivers audiences of people just like your best customers.

Uncover connections between consumers and content to understand common behavior and interests

Harness the power of your audience’s unique characteristics with as few as 300 records of seed data

Predict and target the semantic twins of your best customers to increase qualified reach to relevant audiences

Leverage more than one billion stable user profiles to gain invaluable consumer insights into your target audience

Expand your target audiences without fuss

Outpace competitors with a data-centric and semantic approach to find and engage new consumers.

Segment Activation

Extend the value of first-party data and tap into consumers who are most receptive to your message

Hands-on implementation

Discover relevant topics and engage people in their preferred spaces and trusted channels

Media strategy and activation

Captivate potential customers with  personalized messages that truly resonate

Distribution and modelling

Hands-on or managed, maintain control with a fully transparent solution

Exponential gains that exceed expectations

Our clients are driving success across campaigns and proving the predictive accuracy of ContextualPLUS.



A Danish auto manufacturer significantly reduced eCPA compared to audience exclusion while taking a privacy-first approach to identify and engage with consumers.



A UK media group targeted a very specific audience at scale while keeping strict privacy concerns in mind and delivered a drastically lower CPC compared to the campaign average.

Get up and running with Audience Extension

Harness the power of predictive intelligence to expand your reach

Advanced audiences for advanced marketers

Transform first-party data into lookalike audiences  to engage more consumers with the same interests.

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Leverage your desired dataset to create the seed target audience

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Identify your desired audience interests

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Model the overlap between the customers in your seed audience and people with a similar semantic fingerprint

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Fine-tune and push the expanded audience to your desired activation platform

Modeling expertise without custom model prices

For the ultimate in performance, our experts turn your seed data into audiences that look like your best customers.

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We create the seed audience based on first-party data, lists or semantic topics

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We identify your target audience interests

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We model the overlap among customers in your seed audience to discover people with a similar semantic fingerprint

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We balance reach and affinity based on your ad campaign goals to fine-tune audience members

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We push this best-in-class segment to the desired platform for effective and seamless activation

Platform-agnostic distribution for AdTech without borders

Streamline ad delivery effortlessly with your platforms of choice.