Semasio Factory

Monetize your most valuable asset

Drive growth with the resources necessary to onboard, model, and effortlessly distribute your data.

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Extend the value of your data


The ability to ingest seed data regardless of the primary identifier used

Instant Cookieless Targeting

Unlock effective targeting across devices with our Multi-ID and Audience to Context solutions

Distribution Simplified

Effortless and cost-effective solutions for your data

Platform Activation

Gain semantic insight into the addressable internet

How Semasio Factory Works

Push your data to the Semasio Factory, and we’ll work our magic. We enrich your data by packaging, translating and modeling to create new products and value. Then, we make it easy to integrate and distribute to platforms of your choice.


The ability to ingest seed data regardless of the primary identifier used

Identifier neutral onboarding of seed data. Seamlessly onboard and leave data compatibility challenges behind, no matter what primary identifier you use.


Unlock targeting across methods and devices with best in class, data-driven models that outperform

Flexible modeling extends your reach. Leverage transparent quantitative frameworks easily turn your data into new segments - and revenue.


Platform-agnostic distribution for AdTech without borders

Streamline segment delivery. Effortlessly push to your platforms of choice for seamless distribution.

A simpler, faster path to success

It’s no simple feat to onboard in the programmatic ecosystem. Semasio Factory removes the complexity of managing multiple platforms and dealing with data compatibility issues.

Our one-stop distribution hub centralizes data management, empowering you to seamlessly onboard, model, and distribute your data across the programmatic advertising system with ease.

By leveraging our Multi-ID and Audience-to-Context solutions, you can offer effective targeting products to your customers in every browser or device.

What’s more, only Semasio Factory can enrich your data with a contextual dimension – allowing you to build unique data products that set you apart.

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Target non-sensitive conditions

Discover semantic audiences

Connect with specially crafted audiences derived from semantic user profiles.

Engage on Topics

Reach users inclined to interact with content related to wellness-related topics.

Get up and running

Maximize your data with ease

Fast, flexible platform for data providers

Bring your most valuable asset to market faster and more efficiently

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Leverage your data to create new segments

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Identify interests of target audiences

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Model seed audiences and transform into segment targets

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Fine-tune and push to your desired activation platform

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Make segments available for purchase on the platform

White-glove service without white-glove costs

When you need the ultimate performance, our team of experts combines the accuracy of audiences with the reach of contextual targeting to outperform on your campaign goals. Discover the power of pharmaceutical advertising with our expert team.

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Define the target based on campaign goals

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Create the seed audience based on 1PD, lists or semantic topics

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Identify audience interests based on seed content consumption

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Predict other relevant topics and content by modeling inputs

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Based on campaign goals, balance reach and affinity to fine-tune contextual targets

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Push to platform and Activate