Brand Fit for Ad Suitability

Brand Safety and Suitability Solutions

Align brand values with advertising environments, ensuring brand suitability and a brand-safe environment. Our brand safety solutions provide robust protection and consistent brand messaging.

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Safely amplify your brand

Brand Fit ensures your brand not only avoids harmful content and brand safety issues, but also aligns with its values and messaging for optimal and suitable ad placement across ad network platforms.

Real-Time Brand
Risk Management

Continuously monitor target environments and update exclusion lists in real time, emphasizing the importance of a brand-safe environment and keeping your brand protected from any emerging risks.

Actively exclude pages based on brand safety guidelines

Dynamically exclude negative semantic topics

Address brand safety concerns in real-time


A Website About Mushrooms

Safeguard your brand reputation

Use natural language processing to ensure your ads are always placed in the right context for consumers-free from risks and negative associations-enhancing brand reputation and suitability.

Gain semantic insight into the addressable internet

Avoid contextual targets that generate brand dissonance

Detect and avoid inappropriate content

Protect brand equity with ads in only suitable environments

Align with contexts for brand suitability

Optimize each ad placements by defining target environments that suit your brand and digital advertising campaign requirements, ensuring brand safety and suitability.

Combine keywords, URLs and Natural Language Processing

Ensure optimal ad placement for each unique context

Customize environments to match brand and campaign objectives

Maintain your brand image and reputation across ad networks and publishers

Digital Ads and. aWebsite About Health

Get up and running with
contextual brand safety

Identify and isolate topics or content that might pose brand safety concerns
or conflict with your brand values and product messaging, ensuring brand risk is minimized.

Brand fit to keep your brand safe

Control where your ads appear online.

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Define where your brand should not appear

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Create targeting exclusions contextually

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Push to platform

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Managed safety for contextual advertising

Let us keep your ads safe online.

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Describe where your brand should not appear

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Managed creation of contextual targeting exclusions

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Push exclusions to platform

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Platform-agnostic distribution for AdTech without borders

Streamline ad delivery effortlessly with your platforms of choice.