Precision Pharma Targeting

Condition and journey driven engagement

Build patient trust with healthcare advertising in a privacy-first world.

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Target pages not people

Reach the same people without sensitive data

Pinpoint condition content

Discover pages directly related to specific conditions, including symptoms, associated details, diagnosis and management.

Drive the patient journey

Align with content about treatments and milestones, enhancing engagement at every touchpoint.

Align ads with relevant topics

Discover patient interests

Target pages on key topics: low glycemic diets, heart health, exercise, recipes and more.

Extend reach in wellness

Focus on pages about complementary care, including monitoring devices and tools.

Target non-sensitive conditions

Discover semantic audiences

Connect with specially crafted audiences derived from semantic user profiles.

Engage on Topics

Reach users inclined to interact with content related to wellness-related topics.

Data driven. Privacy first.

Unleash the power of Contextual Audience Extension to predict prime engagement opportunities

Turn first-party data into contextual targets

Utilize loyalty, claims, prescription data and more as a seed for cookie-free contextual targeting.

Connect consumers with content, enabling relevant targeting and ad placement.

Convert simple segments into contexts

Transform audience data into semantic insights for contextual reach and scale.

Define semantic criteria via content URLs to align ads with the patient journey.

Driving pharma and biotech success


Cost per conversion vs. all strategies

A global pharma company leveraged custom semantic audiences that achieved the lowest conversion cost compared to all other strategies.


Better cost per lead vs. benchmark

A medical device company improved key performance indicators while addressing increasingly challenging privacy laws and cookie deprecation.


Better acquisition cost vs. benchmark

A global pharma company reduced CPA compared to benchmarks by using semantic audiences based on a persona, rather than patient data.

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Learn how Fyllo can help you outperform in a privacy-first world.

Advanced targeting for Pharma marketers

Build patient trust with healthcare advertising that engages consumers in meaningful ways and at their most receptive moments through strategic ad placement.

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Understand consumer interests semantically

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Identify the targeting mix best suited to condition and journey engagement

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Leverage available data to drive meaningful connections

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Activate campaigns that outperform

White-glove service without white-glove costs

When you need the ultimate performance, our team of experts combines the accuracy of audiences with the reach of contextual targeting to outperform on your campaign goals.

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Define the target based on campaign goals

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Create the seed audience based on 1PD, lists or semantic topics

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Identify audience interests based on seed content consumption

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Predict other relevant topics and content by modeling inputs

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Based on campaign goals, balance reach and affinity to fine-tune contextual targets

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Push to platform and Activate

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