Contextual Targeting

Contextual Advertising Solutions

Reach audiences without cookies in the environments and moments that matter most to create a more relevant ad experience for your users.

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See what others can’t

Go beyond keywords with predictive intelligence that delivers cookieless targeting by understanding the true meaning of content - and the behavior of consumers who engage with it.

1 Billion +

Stable user profiles

2.5 Billion +

Pages scanned each month

Crush your KPIs
without cookies

Custom contextual targeting can fine-tune affinity and reach in realtime to maximize precision and exceed ad campaign goals.

Deliver relevant ads based on content meaning and contextual signals of consumer behavior

Eliminate signal-loss concerns from cookie deprecation or identifier misalignment

Enhance reach by up to 20% through active consumer engagement with fresh content

Uphold user privacy and minimize targeting risks by avoiding personal data handling

Always-on contextual targeting:
all of the goodness, none of the risk

React instantly to capitalize on opportunities and engage your target audience with pre-built contextual segments that are ready when you are.

Automotive & Mobility
Always-on contextual targeting for
Automotive & Mobility

Luxury Car Brands

Electric Vehicles

Antique & Retro Automobiles

Used Cars

Pre-owned Vehicles

Car Rental Services

Vehicle Leasing

Car Hire Services



Family-friendly Vehicles

Motorcycles & Bicycles

Daily Travel

Commuting Solutions

Farm Vehicles

Fashion & Beauty
Always-on contextual targeting for
Fashion & Beauty

Skincare Routine

Spa Treatments

Beauty Products

Bridal Attire & Groomsmen Suits

Honeymoon Destinations

Wedding Venue

Luxury Brands

Fashion Trends

Sales Promotions

Popular Fragrances

Haircare Routine

Premium Cosmetics

Makeup Techniques

Men's & Women's Clothing & Footwear

Men's & Women's Accessories & Jewellery

Athletic Wear

Casual Wear

Environment & Sustainability
Always-on contextual targeting for Environment & Sustainability

Endangered Species

Vegan Beauty Brands

Ecosystem Preservation

Clean Technology

Eco-friendly Lifestyle Choices

Solar Power Generation

Energy-efficient Design & Sustainable Construction

Green Bonds

Eco-friendly Fashion Trends

Plastic-free Living Tips

Career & Education
Always-on contextual targeting for
Career & Education

Job Search

Employment Opportunities

Career Shift

Career Progression

Career Guidance



Entry-level Jobs

Vocational Education


Financial Aid


College Applicants

Arts & Entertainment
Always-on contextual targeting for
Arts & Entertainment

Art Exhibitions

Cultural Events

Film & TV Series


Streaming Platforms


Concerts & Music Festivals

Video Games

Online Gaming


Online Gambling

Celebrity Gossip





Magazines & Newspaper Articles


Vintage Goods

Business & Finance
Always-on contextual targeting for
Business & Finance

Property Listings

Banking Services

Management Strategies

Rental Properties

Insurance Options

Digital Transactions

Investment Products

Digital Assets

Leadership Development

Loan Applications

Stock Market News

Cryptocurrency News

Retirement Savings

Blockchain Technology

Investment Opportunities


Credit & Debit Cards

Food & Drink
Always-on contextual targeting for
Food & Drink

Wine Reviews

Baby Food Brands

Coffee & Tea Equipment

Craft Beer Brands

Baking & Cake Blogs

Organic Farming

BBQ Recipes & Equipment

Mixology Techniques

Snack Food Recipes

Pet Food

Cooking Tips & Recipe Websites

Promotions & Sales Opportunities

Fast Food Restaurant Menus

Gluten-free Recipes

Meatless Recipes

Fine Dining Restaurants Suggestions

Mocktail Recipes

Plant-based Diet Recipes

Restaurant Review Websites

Family & Lifestyle
Always-on contextual targeting for
Family & Lifestyle

Pet Food

Pet Care Products

Vet Services

Cat Breeds

Dog Training

Wedding Planning

Prenatal Care

Baby Care Products

Dating Apps

Baby Parenting Advices

Baby Feeding


Teenage Parenting

Single Travel

Health & Wellness
Always-on contextual targeting for
Health & Wellness

Non-surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Alternative Medicine Approaches

Anti-aging Skincare Products

Dental Care Products

Healthy Recipes

Running Gear

Elderly Care Resources

Vision Correction Options

Exercise Routines

Health & Wellness Blogs

Skincare Routines

Meditation Techniques

Hiking & Camping Destinations

Benefits of Nutritional Supplements

Wellness Retreat Destinations

Yoga Poses & Sequences

Segment Activation

Leverage taxonomies in the world’s most used languages, from English and Spanish to Chinese and Dutch

Hands-on implementation

Launch campaigns in seconds within your platform of choice to adapt to rapidly changing market dynamics

Media strategy and activation

Activate in your platform of choice to drive campaign synergies

Distribution and modelling

Diversify ad campaign spend to drive maximum efficiency and future-proof your targeting options

Successful media reach

A global media agency needed to reach a specific niche audience - at scale - while keeping strict privacy and brand safety concerns in mind.

Data on a Screen



Using semantic targeting technology, they identified the topics most relevant to the target audience and exceed CTR benchmarks.
* vs benchmark

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With contextual targeting, they were able to reach the target audience at significantly lower CPC compared to the campaign average.

Harness The Potential of Long-Tail Media

Unlock the power of
long-tail media

Discover where your ideal customers are—and where your competitors aren't—by harnessing long-tail media.

Prioritize contextual relevance and capitalize on consumer affinity

Combat “ad fatigue” by delivering more meaningful creative and messaging

Reach target audiences cost-effectively outside mainstream publications

Explore unique spaces for ad placement where your competitors are absent

"Semasio’s novel approach gives media buyers the flexibility and precision required to run highly-effective campaigns in cookieless environments and is a perfect fit for PubMatic’s clients.”

Emma Newman


Democratize data science

For end-to-end ad operation and delivery optimization, choose our integrated contextual advertising platform to leverage advanced semantic targeting and data-driven insights for enhanced ad campaign performance.

Enhance team collaboration with transparent segment creation

Customize parameters for goal-oriented contextual targets

Accelerate segment creation and syndication to your preferred ad network

Define target audience, keywords, affinity and scale

Get up and running with Contextual Advertising

Put your message where it belongs: on the pages your audience visits.

Contextual targeting with complete control

Custom contextual targeting that you control - from start to finish.

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White-glove service without white-glove costs

Describe your target and our team of experts will identify the contextual ad targets that best meet your campaign goals. Whether mainstream reach or long-tail efficiency, we deliver on your KPIs.

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Platform-agnostic distribution for AdTech without borders

Streamline ad delivery effortlessly with your platforms of choice.