Contextual Targeting

Contextual Advertising Solutions

Reach audiences without cookies in the environments and moments that matter most to create a more relevant ad experience for your users.

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Contextual Targeting Audiences

See what others can’t

Go beyond keywords to understand the true meaning of content, as well as the consumers who engage with it. Contextual Targeting can fine-tune affinity and reach in realtime to maximize precision and exceed ad campaign goals.

1 Billion +

Stable user profiles

2.5 Billion +

Pages scanned each month

Crush your KPIs
without cookies

Leverage words, phrases or URLs to accurately reach audiences without compromising accuracy or effectiveness with contextual ad targeting.

Deliver relevant ads based on content meaning and contextual signals

Uphold user privacy while placing a targeted ad effectively

Eliminate signal loss concerns from cookie deprecation

Minimize risks by avoiding personal user data handling

Privacy-Focused, Cookie-Free Audiences

"Semasio’s novel approach gives media buyers the flexibility and precision required to run highly-effective campaigns in cookieless environments and is a perfect fit for PubMatic’s clients.”

Emma Newman


Harness The Potential of Long-Tail Media

Unlock the power of long-tail media

Discover where your ideal audiences are—and where your competitors aren't—by harnessing long-tail media.

Prioritize contextual relevance and capitalize on consumer affinity

Combat “ad fatigue” by delivering more meaningful creative and messaging

Reach target audiences cost-effectively outside mainstream publications

Explore unique spaces for ad placement where your competitors are absent

Democratize data science

For end-to-end ad operation and delivery optimization, choose our integrated contextual advertising platform to leverage advanced semantic targeting and data-driven insights for enhanced ad campaign performance.

Enhance team collaboration with transparent segment creation

Customize parameters for goal-oriented contextual targets

Accelerate segment creation and syndication to your preferred ad network

Define target audience, keywords, affinity and scale

Advanced Semantic Targeting

Successful media reach

A global media agency needed to reach a specific niche audience - at scale - while keeping strict privacy and brand safety concerns in mind.

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Using semantic targeting technology, they identified the topics most relevant to the target audience and exceed CTR benchmarks.
* vs benchmark

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With contextual targeting, they were able to reach the target audience at significantly lower CPC compared to the campaign average.

Get up and running with Contextual Advertising

Put your message where it belongs: on the pages your audience visits.

Contextual targeting with complete control

Choose contextual targeting that you control - from start to finish.

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White-glove service without white-glove costs

Describe your target and our team of experts will identify the contextual ad targets that best meet your campaign goals. Whether mainstream reach or long-tail efficiency, we deliver on your KPIs.

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Expert-defined contextual targets

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Target creation

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