Hypertail PMP

Get more from long-tail media

Efficiently reach your ideal consumers in long-tail media spaces, where they are more receptive to your message.

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Two Medication Websites

Higher engagement
at lower CPMs

Target passionate, hyper-focused consumers on long-tail media sites with less competition for ad placements and lower CPMs.

Reach highly-engaged consumers

Engage microsegments more effectively

Improve ad placement

Increase efficiency with lower CPMs

Engage overlooked and underserved audiences

Connect with previously unreachable consumers on the websites they find most relevant.

Reveal hidden interests and preferences

Boost performance with personalized messaging

A person surrounded by website screens
Two people representing different audiences

Increase efficiency without compromising results

Streamline campaigns by focusing on the most promising targets for optimal impact and efficiency.

Prioritize highly engaged audiences

Build custom audiences to achieve any goal

Powerful applications

Hypertail PMP can drive performance and efficiency for any campaign, regardless of its scope or objective, but is particularly well-suited for promoting niche products or services where consumers are less likely to engage with mainstream publications.


Reach Gen Xers on sites where they research anti-aging products


Get in front of progressive consumers who embrace a 420 lifestyle


Meet consumers on the cooking blogs they use to build weekly meal plans

Financial services

Target content and conversations about crypto, NFTs, De-Fi and more


Find cross fit devotees on the pages they go to research new gyms


Discover the best places to engage other online RPG enthusiasts

Health & wellness

Align your advertising with yogis exploring new retreat locales

Sports betting

Uncover where avid gamblers - not passive sports fans - actively engage


Identify travel hacking blogs tourists go to plan their next big journey