Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting Solutions

Identify and engage your ideal consumers with precision audience targeting built on best-in-class modeling and unique datasets.

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Premium Audience Segments

Standard or custom, always on

With our audience targeting solution designed for advertisers, you can choose from pre-built taxonomized audience segments or create a custom audience tailor-made for your campaign strategy.

Standard audiences

React instantly to capitalize on opportunities and engage with your target audience.

Access over 1,300 always-on segments

Activate campaigns in seconds

Adapt rapidly to market dynamics and trends

Diversify ad campaign spend to drive maximum efficiency

Diverse Target Audiences

Fyllo Infused Audiences

Differentiated data

Attributes from cannabis and CBD consumers with a progressive mindset

Progressive consumers

1K+ audiences infused with data from consumers who shape and move markets

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Always-on Semasio Segments

Semantic understanding

300+ always-on segments built with advanced semantics

Global reach

Available in 50 countries with support in 30+ languages

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“Competition for fitness consumers online is fierce. Tapping into the Fyllo Data Marketplace, we built custom segments that drove unmatched campaign performance.”

Helaine Knapp

Founder & CEO

Custom Audiences

Create fit-for-purpose custom audiences based on first-party data, purchase data or semantic topics to elevate your campaign performance.

Precision targeting with minimal seed data (just 300 records)

Best-in-class precise audience modeling techniques for targeted ads

No additional custom development fees

Identify look-alike audiences and refine microsegments

Custom Audience Modeling

Enterprise-grade data enrichment

Supercharge your strategy with access to the
high-value attributes from leading data partners.


Visitation based data

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TV / Video

Advertising and viewership data

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Data from leading platforms

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Demo / Interest

Attributes across 200M+ US adults

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UPC level data

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Get up and running

Create a competitive edge with audiences that are fit-for-purpose and built for you.

DIY audience creation

Your marketing team knows who to target - let them. Enable your whole team to reach the desired audience you need in four simple steps.

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Define your desired audience

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Create your custom audience

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Proven expertise

If you can describe your target, we can create a best-in-breed model that enables you to find look-alike audiences, hone microsegments, improve ROAS or deliver specific tailored messages.

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Describe the audience

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Expert definition in the system

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Audience creation by our experts

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We push to platform and activate