Cannabis consumers fuel growth for adult beverage brands

December 6, 2021

Cannabis and CBD consumers who regularly drink adult beverages live active, social and connected lives. Read more about these consumers, including their interest, hobbies and lifestyles.

Cannabis consumers fuel growth for adult beverage brands

Cannabis consumers’ affinity for variety and discovery is a force multiplier for adult beverage marketers.

In addition to their significantly higher consumption at home and on-premises, today’s cannabis consumers live active, social and connected lives – ready to try, switch and share new tastes.

MRI-Simmons research reveals both the impact and affinities that cannabis consumers have for the adult beverage category.

In 2021, more than 42 million cannabis and CBD consumers consumed alcoholic beverages – higher than average consumption of liquor, hard seltzers, beer, cider, champagne and cordials compared to the average American.

When it comes to beverage spending, they’re also:


To learn more about cannabis and CBD consumers’ affinity for alcoholic beverages, download the Cannabis Consumer Insights: Adult Beverage onesheet.

Marketers will find that cannabis consumers are behaviorally well-aligned with adult beverage brands and marketing. In stark contrast to the languid stereotype, today’s cannabis consumers are living the high energy, active lifestyles celebrated by adult beverage brands:

  • They play more sports – regularly participating in team sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc. - (+12%)
  • They entertain more at home – hosting friends or relatives every week (+11%)
  • They enjoy the nightlife – regularly going out dancing, to bars, nightclubs and comedy shows (+17%)
  • They manage busier professional lives – almost 4 in 10 say they work most weekends (+11%)
  • They enjoy fine dining – more likely to be frequent restaurant diners (+12%)

They’re motivated audiences who are more likely to regularly enjoy wine with dinner – and more likely to be willing to pay more for a good bottle of wine.

They’re highly engaged consumers who are more likely to influence their social networks; compared to the average alcohol consumer, they’re 20% more likely to have a great deal of knowledge and/or experience around beer.

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