Fyllo’s Retail Solutions create new revenue opportunities for cannabis brands

December 6, 2022

Fyllo revamps retail suite and launches interactive retail media network.

Fyllo’s Retail Solutions create new revenue opportunities for cannabis brands

The need to anticipate what’s next and position your retail locations for success has defined the cannabis business since its earliest days. This drive and ingenuity attracted Fyllo to the industry in the first place. We knew when we launched back in 2019, that cannabis would fuel tomorrow’s economy and that it would need technology, data and the right infrastructure to accelerate that growth. 

Since launch, we’ve helped our clients navigate a global pandemic, drive growth through a wave of rapid retail transformation and operate under difficult market conditions. At every step, we’ve also done a lot of listening. 

We heard from some of the most progressive cannabis retailers how difficult it can be to build brands in a fragmented market, introduce new products in a world of tight regulation all while maintaining customer loyalty. 

That is why today we launched the new Fyllo Retail Suite, which offers software, services and a digital screen network designed to elevate consumer experiences and accelerate growth for cannabis dispensaries. 

It became clear that our clients needed an innovative solution to create high-impact customer experiences that today’s digital natives expect. The latest release of Fyllo’s Retail Suite takes both online and in-store connections with consumers to the next level. 

​​What the Fyllo Retail Suite is all about: Digital Innovation in Physical Spaces 

Powered by an interactive screen-led software ecosystem, the Fyllo Retail Suite elevates customer experiences and accelerates growth for today’s most progressive dispensaries.

Brands can engage shoppers at the point of purchase for maximum impact. Consumers love it, too: it makes finding the ideal products and buying through interactive screens easy. 

What Cannabis Brands and Retailers Can Expect

Create Best-in-Class Retail Experiences 

Product discovery is a challenge in cannabis retail environments. The Fyllo Retail Suite gives retailers everything they need to help customers effortlessly discover products, brands and limited-time offers. Automate inventory and pricing updates through digital Smart Menus and increase product discovery with QR code integrations that allow shoppers to learn and explore from their mobile devices. 

Turn Browsers into Buyers

Convert more shoppers through Fyllo’s fully-interactive digital screens. The Suite’s Loyalty Integration enables retailers to acquire new members with 1-click sign up, and re-engage them with exclusive offers. Product Recommendations make it easy and fun for customers to find the right products and Self-Service Ordering provides fast and convenient mobile purchasing options. 

Maximize Square Footage and Sales 

Introducing Fyllo Connect, an interactive retail media network for brands that want to reach and engage cannabis consumers at the point of purchase for maximum impact — to grow awareness, offer deals and ultimately drive purchases. Cannabis retailers can inspire in-store customers while they’re actively browsing and buying, with the latest inventory on fully-interactive digital screens that deliver targeted campaigns. Learn More.

Measure Performance and Optimize in Real-Time

Promotions and campaigns are only as good as your ability to measure performance in real-time and optimize on the fly.  Fyllo’s team of in-house experts can help develop integrated omnichannel campaigns, powered by enterprise-grade data, that blow past brand and category benchmarks.

With all that’s possible, why isn’t everyone making the most of the opportunity? Because, until now, it has required a lot of work that takes both significant technical knowledge and a heavy infrastructure lift.

The Fyllo Retail Suite has changed that. It’s the only suite that makes it easy to transform dispensaries into a digital-native, interactive screen-led software ecosystem. Request a demo to see how the Fyllo Retail Suite can help your business.

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