Here We Go 2024: The Power of Contextual Advertising in an Election Year

January 16, 2024

Authored by Marley Pulz, Product Marketing Manager

 Here We Go 2024: The Power of Contextual Advertising in an Election Year

The 2024 election season marks a new phase in political campaigns, with the Iowa Caucus playing a significant role. Known for its grassroots-level discussions and voting, the Caucus offers unique insights into voter preferences. Now that the Caucus is behind us, pundits will begin to sort through what it all means, highlighting areas where some candidates may appear to have a weakness and want to "lean-in" with messaging.

U.S. political ad spending is projected to increase to $12.32 billion in 2024, a 30% rise from 2020. This includes a significant growth of 156% in digital platform advertising.  As the political landscape evolves, so does the approach to reaching audiences.

Candidates and political parties are turning to innovative strategies like Contextual Targeting to create lasting impressions on voters.

The following highlights the benefits that make Contextual Advertising the go-to solution for advertisers in this political year.

Target Voters Through Contextual Relevance

Relevance is crucial. Contextual Advertising tailors messages to specific issues that matter to voters, ensuring meaningful engagement at a personal level. This is where the power of Micro-Targeting and Personalization comes into play.  Advertisers can utilize Micro-Targeting as an effective tool to create personalized messages. These messages can be tailored demographically and on local issues, aiming to connect more deeply and meaningfully with voters - or even find voters more likely to donate. This strategy makes campaign communications more relevant and effective. While enhancing voter engagement is a primary goal, Contextual Advertising also serves as a powerful tool for another crucial aspect of political campaigning: grassroots funding.

Grassroots Funding Via Contextual Advertising

In addition to engaging voters, Contextual Advertising plays a pivotal role in mobilizing grassroots support and donations. In a political landscape increasingly reliant on small-dollar donations, reaching potential donors who are passionate about specific issues is essential. Contextual Advertising serves as a  game-changer in this scenario by targeting ads based on content related to specific political causes or issues. This approach can help campaigns connect with  passive content consumers into active campaign supporters, providing a vital stream of grassroots funding. This approach not only boosts campaign funding but also fosters a sense of community and shared purpose among supporters, strengthening the overall campaign structure.

News Not Noise

In a world where misinformation can sway public opinion, the concept of Brand Safety becomes increasingly important. Contextual Advertising provides a brand-safe environment by aligning ads with credible content, ensuring the information reaching the electorate is accurate and trustworthy. This approach helps political campaigns maintain integrity and credibility in their messaging. As stated by James Ramelli, Vice President, Customer Success & Operations, “This approach engages audiences with content that is directly relevant, fostering support for specific issues or candidates. It places ads in trusted environments, mitigating misinformation risks and bolstering the impact of real-time campaign strategies.”

Localize Your Approach

The versatility and effectiveness of Contextual Advertising are particularly pronounced when tailored to specific local contexts. Take, for instance, a candidate in Iowa focusing on agricultural policies. By leveraging Contextual Advertising, their campaign strategically places ads on platforms related to farming, rural development, and sustainability. This targeted approach enhances message relevance and visibility among key voter segments such as farmers and agricultural professionals.


As technology advances, the realm of political digital advertising is poised for significant evolution. Contextual Targeting, with its sophisticated use of data analytics and machine learning, is set to become even more effective, engaging voters with relevant information and ensuring factual and responsible communication.

The countdown to November 5th continues, and the focus on contextually aligned advertising strategies will be a game-changer in political campaigning.

Contextual Advertising stands out as a pivotal tool in ensuring the credibility and relevance of political messages, offering a way to cut through the clutter and misinformation, ensuring clear and factual communication.

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