Maximizing reach and precision

The power of contextual audience extension

July 10, 2023

Using advanced semantic targeting, marketers can find net-new customers that are similar to their high value customers, significantly improving the performance of digital advertising campaigns.

Maximizing reach and precision

Marketers face ever-evolving challenges. Key among these are identifying and engaging new audiences that convert and deliver effective ROI. As consumer expectations continue to evolve, staying ahead of the competition demands innovative solutions to reach new customers efficiently.

This is where Contextual Audience Extension comes into play. Using advanced semantic targeting, marketers can find net-new customers that are similar to their high value customers, significantly improving the performance of digital advertising campaigns. This goes beyond the idea of simple look-alikes, to discovering greater insights around what your existing audience has in common and then leveraging those insights for more effective targeting.

Make the most of your 1PD

How does it work? Contextual Audience Extension uses seed audience data - be it first-party data from your brand, panel data, or purchase data - to instruct a cutting-edge supervised machine learning model. The goal is simple yet ambitious: to predict your audience's online presence across internet pages based on their semantic characteristics. This technique finds new audience segments who share similar interests and behaviors with your existing customers to effectively extend the reach of your advertising campaigns to new contextual targets, allowing you to connect with previously overlooked and underserved consumers. In other words, Contextual Audience Extension enables you to take what you know about your existing customers, and find net new customers without using 3rd-party cookies.

Imagine a comprehensive, color-coded heatmap of the internet. The 'hot' zones are the websites teeming with your audience, while the 'cold' zones indicate lower concentration and less content engagement. You have the power to set the 'temperature' threshold for a page to qualify as a target for your campaign, allowing you to zero in on the contextual targets most relevant to you - and your desired audience.

By utilizing first-party data, marketers can learn from real consumers and leverage their semantic profiles to identify the semantic profiles of likely pages to craft a universally applicable semantic definition for their target audience. That consistent definition is then applied across campaigns and tactics to find new customers who share attributes with their high value customers. This leads to a significant shift for marketers. They are no longer constrained by the traditional choice between audience and contextual targeting. Instead, they can merge the precision of audience targeting with the broad reach and relevance of context.

Discover new content opportunities

Drawing on insights from real users, Contextual Audience Extension identifies the content your target audience is most likely to consume. By focusing on these associated pages you have opportunities to take an existing campaign with lackluster results and breathe new life into its performance. And, it gives you the opportunity to accurately place buys on long-tail media to scale reach more efficiently. This sophisticated approach enhances precision and accuracy, opens access to overlooked inventory, and improves campaign effectiveness.

Influence like never before

Engage consumers in meaningful contexts and at their most receptive moments through strategic ad placement. A global furniture supplier aimed to reach home improvement enthusiasts, particularly fathers, while optimizing cost per visit without using cookies. They turned to Fyllo's Contextual Audience Extension, comparing it with five other providers, to see who could deliver the best results. Leveraging 'Home Improvement' and 'Fathers Interested in Home Improvement' semantic audiences to model segments, they achieved exceptional results. Contextual Audience Extension outperformed all others, delivering a 64-88% lift compared to the next best provider.

Contextual Audience Extension provides a powerful tool for maximizing the potential of your first-party data. It helps you find untapped consumer segments and improve your digital advertising campaigns. By harnessing advanced semantic targeting solutions, you can expand your audience, identify high-value content, and stay ahead of your competitors.

In today's competitive digital landscape, there's no room for underutilization of data. Don't let potential customers remain hidden in plain sight. Harness the power of Contextual Audience Extension and unlock the full potential of your first-party data today. Contact us to learn more.

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