Who are today's cannabis consumers?

November 5, 2021

Gaining a new perspective on today’s cannabis and CBD consumers.

Who are today's cannabis consumers?

Gaining a new perspective on today’s cannabis and CBD consumers.

There are 65 million cannabis and CBD consumers in the United States, more than one-in-four adults.

With a population this large, traditional stereotypes of the stoner slacker are completely out of touch with the vast majority of cannabis consumers’ reality.

While most people won’t be surprised that cannabis consumers cross demographics–including Millennials, Gen-X and Boomers among the base, what will be surprising is the wide range of personalities that cannabis consumers describe themselves as.

Overall, cannabis consumers are far more likely than the average person to see themselves as passionate, caring and highly engaged people.

Compared to the general population, cannabis consumers are far more likely to see themselves as hipsters, activists, and sophisticated. They’re also more likely to see themselves as on-trend, urban, and liberal.


They also index high for political. They’re 10% more likely to have engaged in fundraising, and 29% more likely to have held or run for political office.

They see themselves as passionate; and are identified by MRI Simmons research as super influentials across categories like technology, travel, restaurants, gaming, movies, food and fashion.

They identify with being outdoorsy and active – committed runners, surfers, golfers, cyclists, climbers, fitness and yoga enthusiasts.

Far from the legacy stereo-types, in reality, cannabis consumers now represent one of the biggest and progressive forces in the consumer marketplace.

While mainstream bands in categories like QSR, retail and beverages have already achieved great results targeting cannabis consumers, the audience is a vast, untapped opportunity for growth.

Brands that are committed to their causes, passionate and on-trend will find that cannabis consumers share their aspirations.

Brands that are urban or outdoors will both find like-minded customers among cannabis consumers.

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