Furniture Supplier Success With Contextual Extension

64% lift

in Home Improvement results vs. next-best

88% lift

in Father-DIY target results vs. next-best

A leading global supplier of ready-to-assemble furniture and housewares aimed to reach a home improvement audience with a special focus on fathers. While navigating the challenges of a cookieless world, they tested contextual segments against six providers to see who could deliver the best results.


Deliver the highest performance 
at the lowest


Leverage two semantic audiences

"Home Improvement" and "Fathers Interested in Home Improvement" to understand the unique behaviors of the
desired audience.

Modeling the overlap

Create a bespoke model for the semantic audiences as a proxy to identify the pages where the seed audience - and others like them - are most likely to be online.

Use a semantic approach to build both audience and contextual targeting strategies

Fyllo’s semantic targeting platform enabled the retailer to build audiences and data-driven contextual strategies based on shared user behavior.


#1 performance across all tested solution providers while also reducing CPV

Lessons learned

The success of the campaign provides several valuable insights, including:

  • The value of contextual targeting: Combining contextual targeting with audience targeting strategies can lead to significant improvements in campaign reach and performance.
  • The power of semantic targeting: Using a semantic approach to build audience and contextual targeting strategies offers accuracy and adaptability while maintaining desired reach.
  • The importance of data-driven insights: The success of the campaign was largely due to the use of Fyllo+Semasio's advanced contextual targeting technology and data-driven insights.


The impressive results achieved in this head-to-head comparison, pitting the Fyllo contextual platform against other industry-leading solutions, underscore our ability to deliver extraordinary results through Contextual Audience Extension.

By identifying the target audience based on consumption of relevant, brand-specific content, we outperformed against the KPI with the #1 performing contextual segments that delivered significantly better results than all other competitors.

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