JARS and 1906 team up to drive new growth

“Fyllo helped us execute a successful partnership with a leading dispensary to capture the attention of a key audience in Arizona seeking alternatives to alcohol and pharmaceuticals.”

Peter Barsoom

Founder & CEO, 1906 New Highs

Case study


New website interactions


More efficient CPSE for key creative assets


CPV during 90-day run time


Scale the arrival of 1906 products in the AZ market at JARS dispensaries.


Target qualified cannabis purchasers in AZ at scale with exclusive audience segments via standard display

Conquest against key competitors with store locations in Arizona

Leverage Fyllo’s exclusive purchase-based data and premium publisher inventory

JARS Cannabis wanted to execute a co-branded campaign to drive excitement, web traffic and sales for a new edible product line to the Arizona market utilizing standard display.

JARS cannabis wanted to target specific consumer profiles such as senior citizens, gamers, new parents and those with difficulty sleeping. To overcome “banner blindness” and overly broad reach that results in off-targeting, Fyllo created custom segments that aligned with those profiles, including:

  • Canna-curious consumers
  • THC consumers who seek relief from insomnia, back pain or anxiety
  • Consumers associated with competitors

The campaign outperformed historical brand and campaign benchmarks and was successful in driving qualified audiences to the JARS site and generating conversions for under $1 (80% more efficient than the $5 benchmark).

Targeting against a precise audience enabled four different creative messages that drove strong results - and demonstrated the success of 1906 messaging in capturing the attention of a key growth audience in Arizona that are open to OTC medicine alternatives.

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